Teacher Tap


The Tools

It's fun to use specialty software, but you can use tools like Microsoft PowerPoint and Publisher if you don't have Comic Life. Also, think about open source tools such as OpenOffice.

If you're using PowerPoint, simply paste in your photos. Then choose a thick line and you'll have a nice frame around your comic. You can use the Autoshapes to locate call-outs to use as speech bubbles.

Software Tools

Online Tools

Social Networks and Comic Creators for All Ages (potential for inappropriate content)

Cartoon and Caption Creators

Comic Sharing

Let's have some fun! Start by exploring the tools at Garfield's Comic Creator. Then compare these tools to one of the other options such as MakeBeliefsComix or Make Your Own Graphix from Scholastic. Which do you like best? Why?
Develop a standards-based activity using a comic creator.
Design a collaborative activity asking students to take on the role of the characters.

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