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Selection and Integration

As you select books consider popular series such as Amulet and Amelia Rules as well as topical books such as Hot Iron by Capstone Press.

Remember to look for illustrators rather than just authors. For example, Kazu Kibuishi created Daisy Kutter. Explore illustrator websites.

Consider age appropriateness. While the graphic novel Re-gifters was designed for young adults, the book Blankets featured a young adult character but wasn't written for young adults.

Look for series such as

Use Google Books Previews such as Philosophy for Beginners by Richard Osborne - Google Books Preview

Use News, Reviews and Recommendations, follow blogs and subscribe to RSS feeds

Use University Library Subject Guides

Read Journal Articles

Read Yourself

laikaOnline Lessons

Combine reading graphic novels with creation projects. For instance, read a biography in graphic novel form. Then, ask students to write about the fact and fiction. For example, students who read Laika used Comic Life to write about the fact and fiction of this story.

Explore online lessons related to comics in the classroom:


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