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Creativity and Authentic Approaches

Creative... having the power to bring into being.

We often lump everything dealing with creativity into one category. However creativity can have many facets. As you design assignments and assessments think about ways to facilitate the creative process. Help children to explore, evaluate, engage, and evoke.

Authentic approaches aren't fake or contrived. They result in real-world solutions and meaningful products.


KoreaGenerative... producing new life or propagating offspring from an initial seed or idea.

Some young people need a seed, starter or prompt to kick-start ideas and creativity.

NETS1a. Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes.

Make it Authentic... identify personal interests and local connections to the Korean War.

Korean War through...

Option 1: Focus on memorials. Design a local memorial to Korean War Veterans.

Use Stixy to create a collage showing the plan for the memorial.

Option 2: Focus on firsts. How was the Korean War different from other wars? Explore some aspect and interview veterans about their experiences. Generate a product to share conclusions.

Truman desegregated the Armed Forces in 1948 just prior to the Korean War. This was the first war where African-American and white soliders were fully integrated. Learn more at Desegration of the Armed Forces.

Dynamic Sticky Walls. Sometimes you need a place where you can organize ideas with others sharing text, photos, images, and other materials.

Basic stickywalls provide notes that can contain text, images, video, and links. These notes can be organized.

Complex stickywalls provide more complex tools and organization of stickynotes and online resources.

Explore resources and brainstorm your own assignment that connects personal interests and local history connections. Explore Stixy.

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