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GeorgeOriginative... building something fresh, new, and unusual.

Beyond simply building a product, originative students develop seminal ideas that provide the foundation for the work of others.

NETS1b. create original works as a means of personal or group expression.

Make it Authentic... compare two local views on a topic.

Read George vs George by Rosalyn Schanzer and think about the two different perspectives through the eyes of George Washington and King George III.

Working in pairs create your own information story about two people, two animals, two buildings, two events, two sides of an issue, or two possible solutions. Get people to think in new ways about about the world.

Animation Tools

Comic Strip Tools

Animation, Cartooning and Movie Making

Presentation Tools

Explore the various types of tools. Which would work best for the type of project you have in mind? Is animation useful or a distraction?

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