Teacher Tap



BranIngenious... skilled in achieving a desired end with craft or a clever approach.

Students need to not only think "out of the box" and "over the edge," they need to be clever, witty, and shrewd in their approach.

Make it Authentic... Combine ingenious ideas with audio tools.

Extend meaning through music. Kaleb Nation created music to go with his book Brian Hambric. Listen to the music that goes with the book. Create your own using tools such as Garage Band.

There are many online sources for free music such as FreeStockMusic.

Identify local music connections to expand an understanding of culture. Use resources such as Smithsonian Folkways. Use the Teacher section that links to iTunes for free resources.

Explore the Audiobiographies: The Songs of Our Lives Ning for examples of telling your story through music.

Add audio elements to classroom activities that don't generally include audio. Use Vocaroo and Voki as two simple tools.

Come up with an ingenious idea for using Vocaroo or Voki in your classroom.

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