Teacher Tap


Model Innovative Tools

Sea of TrollThe Sea of Trolls WebQuest by Jessica Hinman provides an example of how teachers can incorporate innovative approaches and technologies into their assignments. For instance rather than reading the book aloud, you might play the audiobook version. Or, read from an e-book reader.

Before asking students to use GoAnimate in their own projects, introduce the technology through another assignment infusing the technology yourself.

By modeling use of the technology, young people can generate ideas for how they might incorporate the tool into their work.

Provide young people with tools and resources they can use in their projects. Rather than spending time "googling" for Viking images, provide quality sources such as DK Vikings Clipart (permissions provided) or Viking Clipart (no permissions shown).

For more ideas related to a Viking unit, check out the Viking Wiki.

Go to GoAnimate or DomoAnimate. Explore existing resources.
OR, register and okay your registration by email and create your own.

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