Volume 2, Number 1

A Free Online Resource for Active Technology Using Educators

Winter 2002

Extreme Thinking:
Transforming Traditional Projects into Effective Learning Environments
Annette Lamb
From snowboarding to skysurfing, extreme sports have stretched people's ideas about sports. We need "extreme thinking" to take our technology-rich student projects to the next level. It's time to rethink our assignments and redesign our assessments. Generative and interactive projects challenge students to seek out new ideas, build content connections, collaborative with others, and develop flexible communications. This session will provide practical ideas for "raising the bar" on student, technology-rich projects as teachers and learners work together to transform the learning environment. We'll examine levels of complexity in student products and explore what's realistic in terms of matching standards and activities with time and resources. From web projects to PowerPoint presentations, we'll discuss options for evaluating collaborative, interactive, and ongoing projects.
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