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Wikis as Information Sources

From sports almanacs to local history pages, you'll find that people of all ages are creating and using wikis as a place to share and locate information.

Wikis as Reference Materials

The best know wiki is Wikipedia.

Use wikipedia as a quick reference. It's also great for current events and lesser known information. The key is identifying the fact, fiction, and perspective. Pay attention to the references and the external links.

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Use Wikipedia to look up your home town. What's fact, fiction, opinion, and a matter of individual perspective? What references are used? What seems to be missing? What would you add, extend, modify, or delete from this page? Why?

Explore other wiki reference tools.

Wikis as Information Sources

Explore the following examples of topical wikis.

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Want to find or participate in a wiki information project? Do a Google Search for your topic and add the word wiki.

Wikis, Schools, and Information

Wikis are a quick way to make web pages, so they're great for posting projects. In the First Grade Space Page, students share drawings and audio recordings. Many classes, centers, and schools are using wikis instead of web pages. In the HHS Library Media Center wiki, they have library information as well as class projects.

Student Helpers

Pathfinders and Web Links

Special Days or Events

Teacher and Parent Resources

Educational Wikis


day drives

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Go to Favorite Day Trips. Contribute a page on your favorite day trip.


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