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Multimedia Wikis

Wikis allow students to incorporate text, graphics, audio, and video. Before posting content, check to be sure you have permission. Generally people place their content in wikis under the Creative Commons rules known as “share and share alike.” In other words, you can use and link to information found on other wikis as long as it is cited.

You can also embed widgets and other add-ons from other websites into your projects. Before you add these resources be sure to check that they load on all computers and web browsers.


Rather than uploading the original files, provide standard file formats that end users can view without special software. For example, export Inspiration documents as JPG files or Word documents as PDF files. Use PDFCreator or CutePDF to convert Windows files to PDF format. Also, think about compressing large documents such as PowerPoint files.


Use editing tools such as open source GIMP or Paint.net to resize and adjust the resolution on visuals. If you want thumbnail size, use 100 pixels. use 200-300 pixels for a nice web page graphic.

For additional sources of visuals, go to

Audio and Podcasts

Use Audacity to create your MP3 audio files.

For additional sources of audio, go to Audio from Sidekicks.

Video Projects

It's easy to create short videos using your still camera. Also, think about using tools such as PhotoStory to combine still photos, narration, and music.

Embed YouTube, SchoolTube, TeacherTube, or other streaming video into your project. Most of the website provide directions.


It's possible to insert all kinds of widgets into your wiki. Explore the following pages for examples. Look at their code to see how they work.

Use the following links for tools and resources that can be embedded in your wiki projects.

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