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Wikis in Teaching

Many teachers are developing wikis for specific classes. These websites are used to post assignments, class notes, and also get students involved in sharing their understandings.

WebQuest Approach

The inquiry-based WebQuest approach works great for wiki projects. Provide a page that provides a motivating introduction to the assignment, an overview of the task, specific steps in the process with necessary scaffolding and resources, evaluation criteria, and a conclusion.

The Women's Suffrage WebQuest and Rock, Write, and Listen present inquiry-based projects for young people.

Go to Banned Books and English Biz. Notice how the entry page contains the WebQuest. Students can then add their project page to the navigation bar on the left. Both projects involve use of the DISCUSSION tab for student interaction.

Go to the Holocaust Wiki Project. This AP history project by Dan McDowell is a wonderful example of adapting the WebQuest concept to a wiki environment. Young people are presented with an overview, background information, project simulation information, and resources. They can also view projects from other classes: Period 1, Period 2, Period 3, Period 4. There's also an About this Project for teachers. For more ideas, check out his Wiki Adventures site.

Go to some other examples of Wiki WebQuests:

Learn more about WebQuests to Web 2.0: More than a Decade of Technology Ideas.

Teacher Wikis

Be sure to check out the wide range of teacher wikis too. Educators use wikis for curriculum planning, lesson planning, project sharing, and professional development. Explore the School Computing wiki and the Wordless Works wiki on wordless books. Add your favorites.

Explore wikis designed by teachers to motivate or for professional development:

Class and Department Wikis

Many teachers use wikis to present assignments, engage learners in writing, and share projects. For instance, the Contact wiki asks students to watch a movie and share their thoughts.

Explore class and department wikis.

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

School Wikis

Some schools are using a wiki rather than a traditional website for school-related information.

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