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Wiki Creation

Many tools are now available for creating wikis. When possible, install wiki software on your own server so you have total control over content and software updates. When using a service providers, be sure to check on fees and possible changes in service.

Wiki Building

Go to Wikispaces for Teachers and create your own wiki. Use the Wikispaces Handout (PDF) for directions.

Create a WikiStarter. Go to Wiki Lit, then Civil War Literature Wiki for examples.

Other Tools

Wiki Elements

Although there are many ways to organize your wiki, be sure to include the following basic components. Go to Second Life URLs for examples of some of these elements.

Wiki Navigation

It's helpful to create basic navigation for your wiki so it's easy for people to move around from page to page. Create links for each page on the navigation bar. Also, consider putting links across the bottom of the page to show where users are within the wiki such as HOME > INSECTS > ANTS. Consider creating an index page or site map that lists all of the pages within the wiki.

Wiki Contributors

You may wish to create a page that highlights the people who are contributors to your wiki.

Wiki Mission

Create an ABOUT page that highlights the purpose of the wiki and the expectations of participants. If your wiki is a class assignment, include the specific requirements and student guidance.

It's a good idea to provide examples and models for students who have not created wikis before. Explore the Example Page for the Progressive Era wiki.

Wiki Guidelines

Be sure to provide quality instructions and guidelines for your wiki. Here are some ideas:

Create a page with rules for wiki use, ethics, and safety.

Wiki Evaluation

If you're planning to evaluation wiki projects, be sure the guidelines are clear. Explore the following examples of student evaluations.

Learn more about designing websites at Information Architecture for the Web.

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