Teacher Tap

With the ongoing pressures of standards and accountability, it’s tough to find time to develop technology-enhanced learning environments. This workshop focuses on effective, efficient, and appealing technology applications in teaching and learning. Because most educators don’t have access to expensive programs and software, the workshop will explore free and inexpensive technology options.

Let's start with some fun. Share your favorite technology tool on Wallwisher. Go to http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/iste2010

Feel free to return to this page during the workshop to share more favorite resources.

We'll explore dozens of ways to integrate technology into practical, standards-based projects along with everyday activities. We’ll examine the popular new technologies along with reintroducing the most effective and efficient tools and resources from the past. Emphasis will be placed on realistic, time-saving approaches to maximize impact and learning across grade levels and subject areas.

old waynew way

Find Inspiration

Rather than developing everything from scratch explore teacher websites, blogs, and resources for ideas to get you started. Use the work of others as inspiration:

Explore the websites of professional organizations. You don't need to be a member to gain much of the benefit. For an example, go to American Alliance for Health, Physcial Educational, Recreation and Dance.

Explore websites associated with government agencies. They often have a section specifically designed for educators. For instance, go to CDC.

Explore well-known websites in-depth such as PBS. Search for content-specific resources such as Art.

Explore the Edublog award winner blogs.
Search Google Groups and Yahoo Groups for ideas. Check out the Google Group Teacher Center.
Do a search a Google Blog search for teacher blogs. Search for music teachers and find blgos such as Music Technology in Education. This will lead to other ideas such as the FAM School of Rock wiki.

Also, explore national organizations and popular topical website such as PE Central.

Be sure to check the Ning resources such as Ning in Education and English Companion Ning.
Pearson learning is providing free Nings for educators.

Explore each of the following four sections of this workshop: starters, scaffolds, sharing, and standards.

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