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standardsParticipants will be able to build a plan for the integration of technology into classroom activities, integrate standards-based, technology-enhanced experiences into the curriculum, connect technology resources and activities to popular approaches such as literature circles and inquiry-based learning, and apply practical strategies to address essential skills, differentiate instruction to meet individual needs, and promote a love of learning.

Use standards-aligned, online lessons for ideas:

Put It All Together

Brainstorm starters, scaffolds, and sharing opportunities that can be integrated into effective, efficient, and appealing learning experiences across the curriculum.

Learn more about connecting traditional and new technologies to address standards at Literature Ladders: Linking Books and Internet Resources. Explore technology tools and resources related to the book Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo.

Notice how starters, scaffolds, and sharing are used in the following three projects:

Elementary Example - Young children are fascinated by bugs. Connect social studies, economics, science, math, and communication arts activities to insect exploration. Use a variety of resources for learning.

Middle Example - Explore Titanic in the Classroom.

Secondary Example - Any sport or hobby has potential as an authentic way to explore social studies, economics, science, history, math, health and communication topics. Trace the changes in fish populations in a trout pond.


computer personTry It!
Examine the projects provided. Then, brainstorm project options for your classroom.

Next, explore specific standards. Brainstorm ways that technology can be used for starters, scaffolds, and sharing.

You've completed this workshop.

You may want to go back and review each section: starters, scaffolds, sharing, and standards.

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