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Video Ventures:
Making Movies in Your Classroom

In this workshop we'll explore a wide range of video projects that can be integrated across the K-12 curriculum.
We'll also examine the video production process and provide hands-on experiences making movies.

Girl with FlipYou don't need to be a video expert with lots of equipment to make great movies. Our 4-H youth were pretty excited about winning the national 4-H video competition with the video SET Made Fun (YouTube). This award-winning project was created with a Flip camera and the video editing software that came with the computer.

Once young people found out how easy the Flip camera was to use, they all wanted to try. See an overview of another project containing student-produced video.

We'll explore topics in the following areas:

Use the links on the left to move through this online workshop.

Interested in printing the workshop PDF handouts? Download Video Projects, ABCs, Video Basics, Movie Maker Guidelines.

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