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Big 6 and Super 3

Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz have been promoting their approaches to information processing for nearly 20 years.

Big 6

The Big 6 is an information problem-solving approach developed by Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz. It is the most popular model for information skills. It includes the following steps:

try itExplore the The Big 6 website. The Big 6 model focuses on problem-solving across the curriculum. The website provides background information and lots of lesson and activity ideas. Go to the Overview page to explore the history and major areas.

video clipView Big 6 Introduction (1:00).

Bob Berkowitz provides an introduction to the Big 6 information problem-solving process.

Use of this video clip complies with the TEACH act and US copyright law. You should be a registered student to view the video.

eye means readRead The Big Six Information Skills As a Metacognitive Scaffold: A Case Study by Sara Wolf, Thomas Brush, and John Saye. (SLMR, 6, 2003).

Super 3

Although The Big 6 only includes six steps, some primary teachers find it overwhelming for their young learners. As a result, teachers have developed modified versions to meet their needs. Eisenberg and Berkowitz have developed a version called the Super 3 for very young children. It includes three steps:

try itExplore the Super 3 page. Compare this approach to the Big6 model.

Learn More

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Nuts and Bolts of Big 6 from SBC Knowledge Network Explorer

Online Resources to Support BIG6™ Information Skills from John Newbery Elementary School, WA


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