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WebQuests provide an authentic, technology-rich environment for problem solving, information processing, and collaboration. This inquiry-based approach to learning involves students in a wide range of activities that make good use of Internet-based resources.

Bernie Dodge developed the WebQuest concept back in the mid 1990s. His resources can be found at WebQuest.org.

Dodge’s model is similar to other information inquiry models. Critical attributes of a WebQuest include:

try itComplete WebQuests, the free, online workshop from Educational Broadcasting Corporation

Skim Internet Expeditions: Exploring, Using, Adapting, and Creating WebQuests by Annette Lamb to learn more about this approach.

eye means readRead Key Word: WebQuest in THE BLUE BOOK by Callison and Preddy, 574-578.

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A Decade of WebQuests: A Retrospective by Annette Lamb & Behane Teclehaimanot. In M. Orey, J. McClendon, & R. M. Branch, (Eds.). Educational media and technology yearbook (Vol 30, 2005). Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited.

Dive into WebQuests: Reading, Writing, and Web 2.0 by Annette Lamb

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WebQuests to Web 2.0: More than a Decade of Technology Ideas by Annette Lamb

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