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I-Search is "an approach to research that uses the power of student interests, builds a personal understanding of the research process, and encourages stronger student writing" (Joyce & Tallman, vii). The key element of this approach is that students select topics of personal interest. This model also stresses metacognitive thinking. Students are asked to keep a log of their action, thoughts, and feelings as they move through the process. In addition, students are asked to reflect on their previous research experiences to set the stage for an appreciation of the research process.

Based on Ken Macrorie's 1988 book entitled, The I-Search Paper, I-Search proposes an alternative to the traditional research paper. Often used by middle and high school students, the inquiry-based approach can also be used with elementary or college students. According to Ken Macrorie, the key to I-Search is that students work on meaningful projects.

In the 1990's Marilyn Joyce and Julie Tallman adapted Macrorie's approach for use in the research process.

eye means readRead A Process Approach: The I-Search with Grade 5: They Learn! by Carol Bowen in Teacher Librarian (Dec 2001, Vol, 29, Issue 2, p14, 4p). IUPUI password required.

Four Tasks of I-Search

I-Search is a process that includes four general steps:

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Connecting Writing and Research through the I-search Paper (Sept/Oct 1995, Vol. 23, Issue 1, p 20, 4p) (IUPUI password required)

English 52: I-Search Paper

I-Search: Guiding Student Toward Relevant Research from Educational Leadership (Sept 1995, Vol. 52, Issue 1, p48). (PDF document, IUPUI password requires)

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Researching the I-Search Paper - a student paper about I-Search

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