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Flat Stanley in Santa FeFlat Stanley Visits the Farmer's Market

On Saturday morning, Annette, Larry, and Flat Stanley jumped into the Jeep and drove to the Santa Fe Farmer's Market. People from all over the world come to visit this marketplace. In the spring, summer, and fall, the Farmer's Market is held outside. However in the winter they move the booths inside where it's warm.

The Farmer's Market is known for their fresh, organic food including meat, fruits, vegetables, and breads. People also sell crafts, weavings, and other home made items.

Flat Stanley enjoyed tasting lots of different kinds of honey, jelly, and jams. Annette and Larry bought fresh bread, as well as organic beef, buffalo meat, and eggs. Flat Stanley helped to weight the roast beef.

Flat Stanley in Santa FeFlat Stanley in Santa FeFlat Stanley in Santa Fe

The Farmer's Market was very busy because they were holding the Santa Fe Film Festival in the same location. Independent movies from around the world are showcased in early December each year. The Milagro Award is given to the best films of the year.

Flat Stanley in Santa FeIn the winter most of the fresh fruits and vegetables are gone. However there were still many places to buy peppers and hot house tomatoes.

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