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Flat Stanley in Santa FeFlat Stanley Goes Hiking

Annette and Larry like to spend time outdoors, so they took Flat Stanley hiking. New Mexico has many cactus plants.

Since Flat Stanley is made of paper, he didn't need to worry about the sharp needles. He climbed to the top of a Cane Cholla Cactus. The yellow things on the end of the cactus are fruit.

Flat Stanley noticed lots of birds around the cactus. He even found a bird's nest, but it was empty. The birds may come back in the spring to lay eggs. After his explorations, Flat Stanley took a nap in the middle a cactus. Annette and Larry decided that their lawn chairs would be more comfortable.

Flat Stanley in Santa FeFlat Stanley in Santa Fe

After a rest, Annette, Larry, and Flat Stanley took another walk and noticed a rabbit sitting under a juniper tree. If you look close, you can see the rabbit next to the yellow arrow. Can you see the eye of the rabbit in the up-close photo below?

Flat Stanley in Santa FeFlat Stanley in Santa Fe

New Mexico has lots of grassland and mountains. Flat Stanley could see the mountains better by climbing to the top of the juniper tree.

Flat Stanley in Santa Fe

While we were in Santa Fe, we did lots of hiking. The photos below show some American Indian rock art near the edge of the city. The designs look like those found on the jewelry and guitar pick that we bought.

Flat Stanley in Santa FeFlat Stanley in Santa Fe

Annette and Larry really enjoyed having Flat Stanley visit in Santa Fe! And Flat Stanley found out about some of the neat things to do here.

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