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Flat Stanley in Santa FeFlat Stanley Visits A Museum

After exploring the Farmer's Market, Annette, Larry, and Flat Stanley drove to downtown Santa Fe to visit the museums. Santa Fe is known for it's many shops, gallaries, and art and history museums.

They walked around the downtown area. Flat Stanley liked all the large sculptures of people, animals, and other objects. He also enjoyed the pink, orange, yellow, red, and brown colors in the traditional southwest architecture.

Flat Stanley in Santa FeBack in the late 1970s, Annette read Georgia O'Keeffe's autobiography. She has always enjoyed the art of Georgia O'Keeffe, so they decided to go to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. The museum is free on Fridays, but since it was Saturday, Annette and Larry had to pay admission. Flat Stanley got in for free.

Since photography isn't allowed it the museum, we can't post any pictures. However we had a great time watching the movie about Georgia O'Keeffe's life, walking through the exhibits, and visting the gift shop.

The photo below shows Flat Stanley reading the brochures and other handouts from the museum. Flat Stanley liked the photograph of Georgia O'Keeffe riding a motorcycle the best.

Flat Stanley in Santa Fe

After visiting the museum we walked along the plaza in downtown Santa Fe. Flat Stanley liked the many benches found throughout the city. He sat on a bench below a scupture of a lion. The sidewalk contains lots of plaques showing famous people. Flat Stanley found the bronze plaque labeled Georgia O'Keeffe, painter.

Flat Stanley in Santa FeFlat Stanley in Santa Fe

When they got back to the RV, Flat Stanley decided to do some research on Georgia O'Keeffe. He found lots of information at Wikipedia. Explore a gallery of her paintings at artst. Watch a short video Georgia O'Keeffe: Notable New Mexican. He made a collage of his favorite paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe that you can see below. Who is your favorite artist?


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