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MP3 players are a great tool for listening to music, but also a wonderful way to listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

The following examples demonstrates how MP3 players facilitate the learning experiences of the student information scientist.

Global Trotter

teenDylan knows that he'll have to be fluent in Spanish before visiting South America. He's not worried about reading and writing the language. Instead, he's concerned about being able to understand when people talk to him. He discusses this frustration with his teacher who suggests that they investigate Spanish speaking sources on the Internet.

Dylan locates a daily Spanish language podcast that can be downloaded using iTunes. Unfortunately he doesn't have an MP3 player, so he has to listen to the podcast in the school library media center.

As Mr. Washington reviews his use statistics, he finds that an increasing number of students are downloading podcasts, digital books, and other audio materials. These students account for many hours on the computers when they actually only need an MP3 player. He decides to invest in 6 small ipods that can be checked out by students for 3 day periods to reduce the strain on his computers.

Dylan is thrilled with the ipods. He can download a week of podcasts on an ipod and listen to them over the weekend.

Explore Dylan's investigation for more detail.

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