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gpsHandheld and Mobile Devices

From cellphones and smartphones to PDAs and GPS devices, a wide range of handheld tools are available for the student information scientist.

School libraries are increasingly becoming involved with ebook readers such as the Kindle and the Nook.

The introduction of the iPad has brought a new dimension to mobile technology. Less power than a laptop or more features than an ebook, the iPad is being watched closely as an all-purpose tool for schools.

To learn more about handheld devices, go to the external resource: Handheld Devices in the Classroom.

The following example demonstrates how handheld devices facilitate the learning experiences of the student information scientist.

The Rockhounds

boyAs part of a geology grant, GPS devices and GIS software is available in the library media center. Working in small groups, students are identifying donated rocks and using GPS/GIS tools to identify locations in the local area where these interesting specimens can be found.

Nathan is interested in geocaching and suggests to Mr. Campbell that the GPS locations might be used as part of a virtual geocache project.

Explore Nathan's investigation for more detail.

Explore Mr. Samuel's and Mr. Campbell's involvement as an instructional specialist.

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