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Checkered FlagMulti-user Virtual Environments and Gaming

Use multi-user virtual environments, simulations, and gaming environments to promote experiential learning. Explore Roma Archaeology in Second Life or read about it at the Roma Citizen Social Network.

Old Way - Play single-user computer games.

New Way - Participate in virtual worlds.

Explore Tools

Hot Choice - Second Life
Hot Choice - Lure of the Labyrinth, Math by Design, Edheads

  1. Multi-user Virtual Environments: Second Life, There
  2. Gaming Units
    • wii
    • playstation
    • handheld games
  3. Interactives & Online Gaming

Learn more about gaming at Got Game?

Design Projects

  1. Simulated Worlds
  2. Re-enactments and Roleplaying
  3. Scientific Explorations
  4. Global Gatherings
  5. Gaming

Avoid Wrecks

  1. Explore educational connections.
  2. Seek age appropriate resources.
  3. Consider bandwidth issues.
  4. Explore potential for virtual adventures.
  5. Connect to programming and development projects.

carPit Stop
Read about the possibilities at Got Game? Try Lure of the Labyrinth.

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