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Checkered FlagData Tools

Use online tools for data collection, organization, management, and graph creation.

Old Way - Complete paper-based polls and surveys.

New Way - Embed surveys within online programs.

Explore Tools

Hot Choice - Swivel

  1. Collaborative Data Sources - Swivel
  2. Collaborative Spreadsheets - Google Docs and Zoho Sheet
  3. Graphing Tools - Grapher (Elementary/Middle School) and Create a Graph (All Grades) and GraphSketch for High School.
  4. Polls and Survey Tools - Google Forms, Flektor, Fo.reca.st, Poll Daddy, Poll Junkie, Snap Poll, Survey Monkey, Zizu, Zoho Polls
  5. Data Sources - USA Today Snapshots, FedStatistics and USA.gov, FedStats Kids, Historical Data Collection, Real-time Data Projects, Engineering Projects, Population Reference Bureau, State Data Map

Design Projects

  1. Integrate Data - Use data from FedStatistics as the basis for an investigation.
  2. Inquiry Starter- Jumpstart an inquiry with questions based on data found at Swivel.
  3. Make Comparisons - Select a graph from USA Today Snapshots and conduct your own local survey.
  4. Build Data Collections - Use the spreadsheet option at Google Docs to create a collaborative spreadsheet. Use Google Forms to conduct surveys. See examples of Google Forms.
  5. Build Online Surveys - Embed a survey on our school, class, or library blog.

Avoid Wrecks

  1. Check Filters. Some collaborative tools such as Swivel may be filtered.
  2. Check Sources. Be sure to check the original data sources on graphs. Evaluate data found.
  3. Test Generators. Some poll generators allow multiple votes, so check the settings.
  4. Check Storage Options. Some graphing tools have limited options for saving. Make comparisons before making decisions.
  5. Use Electronic Whiteboards. Grapher works great on a Smartboard.

carPit Stop
Let's explore the data and graphs at Swivel. Then, create your own graph using Grapher (Elementary/Middle School) or Create a Graph (All Grades).

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