Teacher Tap

Checkered FlagNext Generation Technology

Use tools that reflect innovative thinking. Keep your eye on FreshBrain.

Old Way - Use paper and pencil and share with myself.

New Way - Use new tools and share with everyone.

Explore Tools

Hot Choice - Scratch

Learn more at online Scratch workshop.

Learn more at Divergent Convergence.

  1. Immersive Content - icue, FreshBrain, MouseCircus
  2. Creative Tools - Scratch, Myths and Legends Creator
  3. Music Tools - JamStudio (write and share music) and Noteflight (music notation)
  4. Mapping Tools - Google Earth - mapping, photographs
  5. Publishing Tools - Lulu
  6. Widgets and other Fun Stuff - Wordle

Design Projects

  1. Create
  2. Collaborate
  3. Interact
  4. Syndicate
  5. Reflect

Avoid Wrecks

  1. Check filters
  2. Check bandwidth
  3. Have a backup plan
  4. Ask yourself: How will this tool facilitate teaching or learning?
  5. Ask yourself: How will this tool motivate learners?

carPit Stop
Visit some Scratch featured projects.
Let's go back and think about the opportunities for young people.
Pick three ideas from the workshop you'd like to develop.

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