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Checkered FlagAudio Publishing

Use online tools to share your audio ideas with the world.

Old Way - Attend live activities or you miss the action.

New Way - Record and share audio experiences.

Explore Tools

Hot Choice - Voki

  1. Online Tools - Voki - Create an avatar and add audio to your blog (library example)
  2. Phone Tools - Gabcast - record using your phone
  3. Microphone: Built-in to computer, portable device like iPod, external microphone
  4. Audio editing: Audacity (open source, free)
  5. Free Sound Sources: OpenMedia

Design Projects

  1. Advertisements (i.e., books, countries, local attractions) - Grandview Library Blog, TechTime with Mr. S
  2. Interviews (i.e., oral history, careers, expert interviews, local officials) - High School Biology Blog with podcast
  3. Creative Works (i.e., poetry, short stories, skits, plays) - Green hour activities Archive
  4. Step-by-Step (i.e., directions, instructions, recipes) - Mrs. Bradley and Mrs. Mendoza's Class - text, audio, and video blog
  5. Web Radio (i.e., news, special events, sports) - Radio Willow - Colonial Days

Learn more at High TechTools: Sounds.

Avoid Wrecks

  1. Keep sounds files 30 seconds to 3 minutes.
  2. Script the projects.
  3. Use alternating voices
  4. Create a box of items that can be used for sound effects
  5. Play stock music on a portable CD player to avoid audio mixing.

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Let's try Voki.
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