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Checkered FlagMultimedia Publishing

Use a wide range of tools to create professional quality video, animation, and slide productions. Try the YouTube Channel: Ad Council and ActivityTV.

Old Way - Send in film and get back slides.

New Way - Build multimedia projects to share with the world.

Explore Tools

Hot Choice: Video - YouTube Channels
Hot Choice: Animation Makers - Go Animate
Hot Choice: Image SlideShows - SlideShare
Hot Choice: Interactive Slideshows -

  1. Video:
  2. Animation Makers
  3. Image Slideshows
  4. Multimedia
  5. Tools
    • Camera: Digital video camera, digital camera, cell phone, computer camera
    • Video Editing: Mac iMovie, Windows MovieMaker, Adobe Premiere

Examples of Embedded Slide Shows

Learn more at High Tech Tools: Video and High Tech Tools: Animation.

Design Projects

  1. Book Advertisements/Trailers (i.e., Invitation to the Game, Prey, The Squire and the Scroll)
  2. Public Service Announcements (i.e., service learning, health issues, promotions @the library)
  3. Special Events (i.e., Dicken MLK Day event, debate, interviews, National Youth Poetry Slam)
  4. Creative Works (i.e., skits, historical re-enactments, puppet show)
  5. Demonstrations (i.e., Water Science Experiments, Mixture Analysis)

Classroom Applications - Create videos with existing clips


Avoid Wrecks

  1. Start by exploring and critiquing the work of others.
  2. Create a tight script and use a student narrator for the best quality production.
  3. Use a tripod.
  4. Limit length to 30 second to 3 minute movie.
  5. Use what you have: cell phones, still cameras, computer cameras (puppet shows)

carPit Stop
You have your choice:
You can do some exploring at YouTube Channel: Ad Council and ActivityTV
You can explore and try Go Animate.

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