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Use tools to create high-quality graphic communications.

New graphic novels such as The Eternal Smile by Gene Luen Yang and Derk Kirk Kim combine the best of comics and novels to create great graphic novels.

Old Way - Read and create text.

New Way - Read and create comics.

Explore Tools

Hot Choice - Comic Life (commercial software)
Hot Choice - Pixton Education
Hot Choice - Glogster

  1. Comic Software
  2. Comic Creator for Kids
  3. Poster Creator
  4. Cartoon and Caption Creators
  5. Avatar Generators

Learn more at High Tech Tools: Illustrations.

Design Projects

  1. Language Learning. Create comics to practice writing conversations. Focus on specific vocabulary. Provide image sets to kickstart projects.
  2. Re-enactments. Write historical fiction stories or re-enact historical events. Incorporate factual information and famous quotes.
  3. Avatar Action. Create an avatar and write stories based on the avatar.
  4. Virtual Adventures. Use original photos or photos from specific locations to create virtual adventures set in specific cities, landmark locations, or countries.
  5. Inquiries and Experiements. Use comics to tell a digital story, describe the inquiry process, or document an experiment.

Explore examples of webcomics:

Avoid Wrecks

  1. Images. Encourage a variety of images including graphs, clipart, hand-drawn illustrations, maps, diagrams, photographs, and symbols.
  2. Focus on Facts. Ask young people to share their insignts and understandings while telling a story.
  3. Cite Sources. Be sure students cite the image sources they use.
  4. Graphic Literacy. Discuss the role and use of images. For instance, ask students to use a single historical image cropped and resized many ways in a document.
  5. Best Tool for the Job. Focus on selecting the most powerful, least time-consuming tool for the job.

carPit Stop
Let's try Make BeliefsComix or Glogster. Then compare it to another option for comic creation.

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