Physical + Virtual Experiences

Computers are no longer just screens and keyboards. There are many ways to access and use information.

10 Little Rubber DucksUse both physical and virtual objects in your classroom. From preschool children to adults, rubber ducks serve as a tactile reference point for learning.

life vestTry It!
Use Photo Booth (in your Applications folder) on your iMac to create a short video featuring your duck. Explain something to the duck or have the duck explain something. Or, tell a story using the duck as a prop. It's a great review or problem-solving activity.

Let's explore seven examples of combining physical, virtual, and relevant activities. At the same time, we're asking students to demonstrate critical thinking in selecting, analyzing, and synthesizing information as well as creative thinking applying curiosity, adaptability, flexibility, and fluency to innovate and generate new ideas and products.

Explore each of the following categories:

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