RoryStorytelling Cubes & Storytelling Tools

Content needs a context. Use storytelling as a way for young people to connect new concepts with existing content.

Start by reading tall tales by Steven Kellogg, Rodman Philbrick, Julius Lester, Janet Stevens, Anne Isaacs, Mary Pope Osborne, and Judi Barrett. Then create your own with tools like Kerpoof or Myths and Legends. Kerpoof has a movie making tool specifically focused on creating tall tales.

Rather than learning individual facts about butterflies, talk about the life of a butterfly. Rather than memorizing facts about a person, tell the story of their life. Students will forget facts, but they're remember meaningful anecdotes. Tell the story will life cycle puppets. Then, review with an interactive.

Use costumes to tell historical stories and online storytelling tools to create stories.

Connect cubes and tools. Storycubes. Use Rory's Story Cubes to generate ideas for writing stories. You can also download the iPad app.

Tools are available for all ages who want to create online stories.

Comic tools work great for storytelling:

Animation creators are also good

life vestTry It!
Use the Storycubes along with a storytelling, comic, animation, or timeline tool to tell a short story.

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