Data Collection & Math

Let's do more with promoting math skills across the curriculum. Join the Math Pentathalon. Check out math games and kits.

Involve students to doing their own data collection. Use online tools to organize the results.

Many great online tools are available for creating graphics.

General Data Sets

Topical Data Sets

Poll and survey tools allow participants to share their thoughts and data. Google Forms is a great tool for teachers to collect and organize information from students.

life vestTry It!
Rate Calculations with Toy Emergency Vehicles
Which emergency vehicle will get to the accident first?
Your group will test 3 cars.
Use painter’s tape on the floor.
Use your online stopwatch to time car.
Conduct 3 trials with each car.
Calculate the speed for each trial with feet per second.
Calculate the average for each car.
Share your 3 averages on a graph.

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