Word Cloud Displays, Murals, Timelines, & Infographics

Word clouds, murals, timelines, and infographics are all great for bridging computer with off-computer activities.

Word Clouds

Word cloud tools provide a great way to connect on and off computer activities.

Begin with quality information from a resource such as Gale's US History in Context. Create a word cloud to share findings.

Explore the Lincoln-Douglas Debates word clouds. You can do a Google Images search for "word cloud" to find lots of examples like Australia, English, and Sewing.

Look for transcripts that can be used such as Presidential Debates.

Print out word clouds and create displays or videos.

  1. Cut them into cloud shapes and hang them from the ceiling, a poll, a coat rack, or a bulletin board.
  2. Cut them into cloud shapes and place them in a book display. Match the word cloud to the book. Check out 10 book examples.
  3. Ask students to create word clouds based on a book. Then, choose a word cloud and write a paragraph without knowing what book it was based on. Finally, find out about the book.
  4. Create word clouds to go with photographs. Involve students in matching peer photos and clouds. Do a Google Images search for "famous photographs" such as Vietnam War.
  5. Create word clouds related to fairy tales. Guess the fairy tales. Create an exhibit with books and word clouds. Guess the story.
  6. Create word clouds to express feelings or attitudes related to a topic such as bullying. Create a silent video using only the word clouds and silent acting. Do a search for bullying word cloud to find examples of word clouds.

Web-based Word Cloud Tools

Murals and Infographics

Start with online infographics. Then, create your own using a mixture of on and off-computer text and graphics. Use a long roll of white or butcherblock paper to create your infographic.


Timelines are great for telling nonfiction stories.

Key Ingredients: America by Food provides a a connection between food and social studies.

Try focusing on a history topic. Some resources are below:

Use the Environment Timeline, the Google Earth infographic, Environment Word Cloud to inspire another earth-based example.

life vestTry It!
Compare two of the word cloud tools.
Use Google Images to search for infographics that could be used as inspiration for bulletin board or mural activities.

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