Google Games: CreatureGo to the Google Game: Creatures wikispace to try a Google Game. Does it contain the following four elements?

All games have four elements. When you create a game, be sure to GRAF it.

  1. Goal. You need a way to win or achieve the goal.
    As educators we need to match goals with purposes and reasons for learning.
  2. Rules. You need to know what you may and may not do. 
    As educators, we need to provide guidelines for learning.
  3. Action and Attitude. You must do something along the way. Make it fun and interesting. 
    As educators we need to make leanring meaningful and challenging.
  4. Feedback. You need to know how you are doing. 
    As educators, we need to provide ongoing opportunities to self, peer, and teacher assessment.

Try one of the following games. Think about what type of game you could design that would connect Google tools with a content area search.

Game Tools

Use the Dynamic Paper from Illuminations to create nets, graph paper, number lines, number grids, tessellations, shapes, spinners and more.

Virtual Game Boards

Seek tools that don't have distracting ads. Think about how some of the following tools might be used to design activities:

Game Makers. Use a game show atmosphere. Use laptops for students to search for answers.

Whiteboard Tools. Keep score in front of the classroom on a whiteboard.

QR Tools. Incorporate QR codes into your gameplay.

General Sources. There are lots of generators and tools that could be integrated into the gaming atmosphere.

Card Games

Post Card Games. Use Postcards as a way for students to share what they've learned. Go to Endangered Animals Postcards or Australia Animals Postcards. Pick an animal. Locate information. Summarize, cite source, and send card

Case Cards. Create paper-based cards (print from PowerPoint) that jumpstart a search. Roll the Dice to determine your case file number. Provide basic information. Students must solve the problem. Use a bulletin board in the classroom to classify cards or share answers.

Use Trading Card Generators. Create your own cards.

Learn more at Google Games.

life vestTry It!
Design a simple Google Game for a particular instructional situation. It should have GRAF: Goals, Rules, Attitudes/Actions, and Feedback.

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