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blogsBlogs and Microblogs

Blogs are web logs. Organized chronologically, these electronic journals provide a forum for the information scientist to record their experiences. They are also used as a source of information and commentary.

To learn more about blogging, go to the external resource from Escrapbooking: Blogs and Blogging: A Homerun for Teaching, Learning, and Technology.

To learn more about blogs, microblogs, audio sharing, and rss feeds, go to Learning Spaces: Blogging, Podcasting, and Vlogging.

The following examples demonstrates how blogs facilitate the learning experiences of the student information scientist.

girl and boy with snakeThe Snake Wranglers

When the school library media specialist agreed to adopt the snake from the local humane society, she formed a group called the Critter Wranglers to observe and care for the snake.

The media specialist suggested that the Critter Wranglers record their experiences working with the snake. She suggested that they go to the Bird Treatment and Learning Center blog from Anchorage, Alaska for inspiration.

The students created their own blog called Jake the Snake.

Explore Taylor's investigation for more detail.

Explore Ms. Anderson's involvement as an instructional specialist.

eye means readRead Key Word: Blogs and Blogging (Web Logs) in THE BLUE BOOK by Callison and Preddy, 307-317.

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