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forumsElectronic Discussion Forums and Social Networks

Electronic discussion forums are a popular way for the student information scientist to interact with others and gather information.

Students hold classroom discussions every day. Why not hold virtual discussions with students from around the world? Discussions can be held from anywhere. With a wireless connection, students can even be outside. Discussion tools can be used to facilitate global understanding and sharing.

To learn more, go to the external resource from Teacher Tap: Discussion Tools and Technology-Rich Learning and Learning Spaces: Social Networks.

The following examples demonstrates how electronic discussion forums facilitate the learning experiences of the student information scientist.

The Rockhounds

Nathan is interested in geocaching. Geocaching is an exciting hobby developed with the advent of GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) handheld devices. Combining hiking and treasure hunting, geocaching involves hiking to a set of coordinates (longitude and latitude) to find a "cache." He suggests to Mr. Campbell that the GPS locations might be used as part of a virtual geocache project.

They wonder whether others have done this type of project, so they post a inquiry at the Geocaching Discussion Forum in the Education section. Nathan is excited to find that a number of geocachers post suggestions for their project.

Explore Nathan's investigation for more detail.

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