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Welcome to S574: Information Instruction

Instructional Strategies for Library and Information Professionals

College Students in libraryRegardless of whether you're interested in creating self-instructional tutorials for college students; designing learning experiences for children; developing presentations for adult audiences; or building computer-based educational simulations, games, and apps, this course will help library and information professionals develop the skills necessary to create effective, efficient, and engaging instructional materials.

Quality instruction involves much more than building engaging presentations and distributing cool handouts, it requires the creation of instructional materials that meet the needs of specific audiences. These materials must provide quality information and examples, along with opportunities for learner involvement and feedback.

Explore the Course Materials section to read the Syllabus, explore the CalendarTips and Checklist, or access the Course Guide. When you're ready to begin, work your way through the following sections of the course:

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