Re-imagine, Rejuvenate, Renew:
Beyond Library Media Specialist 2.0
Hands-on Workshop Materials

WorkshopYou may also wish to read the article for more detail.
This workshop contains five sections:


Build Book-Technology Connections

Go to Wordle for a Tech Check and some fun.

Explore Literature Ladders website and the subsections:

The World of 2.0

Mosquito BiteEvolution of Web

Web 2.0. Visit LibraryThing - Annette Lamb's LibraryThing Profile and Catalog. Also, check out Booksprouts.

Learner 2.0. Check out Playaway. Visit Ancient Greece for an example of a project that includes a variety of student produced work and use of the discussion tool.

School Library Media Specialist 2.0. Visit Joyce Valenza from Springfield Township High School Virtual Library and explore her twitter, blog and wiki. Check out some examples (from Teachlibrarianwiki): Digital Booktalk; Catcher in the Rye and Handmaid's Tale, Circle of Seven Productions, Nancy Keane's Booktalks Quick and Simple, Tucson-Pima Public Library Teen Summer Reading, Mabry Film Festival - Best Picture Nominees.

It's important to balance the importance of intellectual freedom with the need for safe learning environments. Explore online tools are addressing safety issues regarding these tools.

Read Overview to High Tech Learning: Libraries, Librarians & Web 2.0.
Explore a dozen Web 2.0 tools you should know.

  1. Blogger, Edublogs & Word Press - blogging
  2. Twitter - microblogging
  3. Bubbl, Gliffy, Thinkature & TimeRime - collaborative concept maps
  4. - shared bookmarking
  5. Myspace, Facebook, imbee, Nicenet, & Ning - social networking tools
  6. YouTube, SchoolTube,, & TeacherTube - video sharing
  7. Flickr - image sharing
  8. SlideShare, Scrapblog, & VoiceThread - multimedia sharing
  9. Survey Monkey, Poll Daddy, Snap Poll, & Zoho Polls - survey creation
  10. Wikipedia, pbwiki, WetPaint & Wikispaces for Educators - collaboration tools
  11. Skype & Second Life - video conferencing and networking
  12. Google Docs, Google Groups, Google Sites, & Google Earth - word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, social networking, mapping, photographs

David Warlick suggests introducing students to the E's of Information Literacy:

Step 1: Re-imagine the Tools

reimagineGo to High Tech Learning: Tools and explore examples in each of the following areas:

Text and Data

Illustration and Photography



endymion springrussell and the lost treasureTar Beach


Step 2: Rejuvenate Learning Spaces

rejuvenateLiterature Example

Go to High Tech Learning: Learning Spaces for examples and explore examples in each of the following areas:

wright 3mud soupdogku

Step 3: Renew Partnershipsrenew

Wings by Christopher Myers Activities

Wright 3

Combine the Best of Traditional and New Technology
American Born Chinese

Collaborative Blog:

  • High school classes in New York and Michigan read the novel Night by Elie Wiesel. The classes blogged about their experience, published connection to Sudan and worked with An End to Intolerance (PDF).

wright 3wright 3American Born Chinese

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