FALL 2013 (volume 13, number 4)


Revisit An Old "Friend": A Decade of Facebook
In 2014, Facebook celebrates a decade online. It's time to revisit this popular social networking website and think about how it might be used in your library. Learn more...

summer 2013 (volume 13, number 3)


The Web Winds Are Shifting: Content Management Systems and HTML5 in your Library
Like the wind, technology for libraries is constantly shifting. Is it really necessary to learn all these new tools? What do you and your students really need to know about the next generation of web development tools? Does everyone need to learn HTML5, CSS3, and computer programming skills? This session will explore a few of the most common approaches to web development and consider what's practical for today's busy librarian. Learn more...

SPRING 2013 (volume 13, number 2)


Social Studies in the Spotlight: Inquiry, Primary Sources, and Informational Reading, 7-12
After years of emphasis on reading, writing, and STEM, history and social studies finally have a chance to shine. The Common Core State Standards stress the importance of history and social studies knowledge in college and career readiness. Inquiry-based based approaches allow students to develop rich content knowledge while acquiring essential habits of informational reading.

This workshop explores practical approaches to using primary sources and other engaging materials to develop informational reading skills and promote high-level thinking. When deep questions are combined with authentic resources, student acquire essential content-area knowledge as well as learn to evaluate evidence, build persuasive arguments, and draw meaningful conclusions. School librarians and classroom teachers can work together to apply realistic, time-saving strategies to create efficient, effective, and appealing learning environments for today's students. Learn More...

Winter 2013 (volume 13, number 1)

Wicked of Wonderful? Revisiting the World of Wikipedia
Like Gregory Maguire's re-imagined Wicked Witch of the West, Wikipedia may simply be misunderstood. In the early days, scholars charged that Wikipedia was full of inaccuracies, bias beyond belief, and even harmful to young minds. However over the years, research proved these naysayers wrong. This session will explore the wicked and wonderful aspects of Wikipedia. School librarians often find themselves in the middle the Wikipedia debate dealing with misconceptions and misuse of this information resource. The session will explore a dozen things you should know about Wikipedia to prepare for this debate. In addition, the session will explore a dozen ways you can weave information skills into Wikipedia activities and address the research skills outlined in the Common Core curriculum. Learn more...

Scan Me! QR Codes in the School Library
Let's use the power of QR technology to get students, teachers, administrators, and parents excited about using your school library. You don't need to be a technology whiz to use and create QR codes. In this sessions you'll learn to start by exploring what already exists, think about applications for your library, then build your own projects. Learn more...



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