girlGoogle-Sponsored Google Games

Why reinvent the wheel? Begin with existing games and activities developed by others.

Go to A Google a Day. It's a fun activity to test your knowledge of searching. You can go back and look at previous topics to build your own project such as Gettysburg.

Go to What's the Search? This Google Inside Search activity asks students to create a creative caption using search words. Participants can their vote for their favorites.

Go to Google's Demo Slam. You can either participate in the slam by watching the two videos and voting. Or, you can explore groups of demos on lots of Google topics by clicking on the icons in the stands. Finally, you can participate by creating your own demo to enter into the slam competition! You can also join the DemoSlam Facebook page. If you're looking for lots of examples of Google Video demos, go to the Google Channel at YouTube.

Go Gwigle for a non-google product game.

small blockExplore a couple of these games.
What skills could you acquire and practice using these games?

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