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Key Gaming Idea: Learners become active when play is situated within roles.

Google News. Search for news.

Search Options

Be sure to make use of the search options in Google News.

Related Google Services

Google Blogs. Focus on identifying people with authority. Look at their profiles. For instance, when you search for turtle migration. Look for universities that are doing work in the area. Remember, you can use the site: option.

Google Game Ideas

Global News. Compare the top stories from around the world. How are they different and alike?

News Archives. Choose a news category card. Find a news item associated with that topic. Compare it with a news item on the same topic from the news archives. How have times changed?

Spot the Errors. Choose a news category card. Find a news item and write a short summary that includes one big error. See if your teammates can spot the error by finding and reading the news item. For instance, the person, place, event, or another element might be changed. Provide students with an example.

Newsworthiness. Is this story newsworthy? Did it happen recently? Did it impact lots of people? Was it close to you? What anyone famous involved? Does the story have emotional appeal?

Trace a Disaster. Compare reports from right after a disaster through time. How does the information evolve or change with new information?

small blockDesign a game around a newsreporter looking for a story to report.

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