We need to be using computers for what they do best: tracking progress, providing feedback, accessing information, providing a place to share... then use off computer activities for organizing resources, trying out new ideas and approaches, discovering and sharing alternative approaches.

The new national plan focuses on this type of tracking... but mostly people are thinking about tracking test scores... we need to think differently about assessment... why can't we be using the feedback loop of a game environments?

gamesStudents collect information and ideas, provide reports on their missions, get feedback and new missions... much more exciting than doing traditional paper and pencil work and tests.... it's much more real world... like we do with games which is enjoyable, we do with work, which is enjoyable... students need and want a challenge.

Constance Steinkuehler from the White House Office of Science & Technology supports idea of creating "top-notch, super-high-quality games" for teaching and learning. Unfortunately, it could be a while before they create games to fit all your needs. Until then, we need to creative and create our own games.

small blockGo to the Share Google Games wikispaces to add your own idea or game.

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