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Key Gaming Idea: Drive learning with emotionally compelling challenges.

How will you build narratives that connect with student emotions? Begin with where you live. Where did your parents grow up? Where did your family come from? Create a family history game. Or, what do you love.. football, natural sites..? How can you bring those alive through virtual visits to football stadiums or the Grand Canyon?

Google Maps. Search for maps.

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Google Games Ideas

miniExplore the MiniWorlds example.

City Tour. Take a tour of a city. Map out the locations where you will stop. Create a custom maps describing the key locations.

EcoTourism. Taking a vacation to a cool environment location is increasingly popular. Create your own ecotour to a particular place in the world that is environmentally sensitive or unique.

Map Biographies. Use a Google Map to locate where a person was born, lived, died, worked, and traveled.

Map Mystery. Start with marks on a map, what do these marks have in common. What's the mystery to solve? Use descriptions to solve mystery, answer questions, follow clues

Math Mania. Use Google maps for judging scale and distance.

Movie Set. Pick a movie set for a book. What locations will you use with each capter?

Plan a Trip. Take a trip to four related locations such as four volcanoes, four football stadiums, or four caves. Make the locations. Provide descriptions. Determine the distances and costs to drive. Combine Google Maps with Google Hotel Finder and Google Flights.

small blockThink about a game that combines photographs with maps.

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