Google Books

Key Gaming Idea: Involve participants in creative activities that involve making, building, and constructing.

Google Books. Search for books and magazines (free, previews, and sales)

Google Magazines. Search magazines that are available.

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Google Game Ideas

ggnGGN: Goofy Global News. Use the GGN WebQuest to learn more about fact and fiction using the the Weekly World News available at Google Books.

History of Ads. Track ads through a magazine over decades. How do the ads and companies change over time? How do they reflect the times?

Lily and Lou's Library. Design a game called Lily and Lou's Library. Help them design what will go into the library. Get points based on whether the document is public domain, preview only, or purchased. Get points for filing it on the correct shelf and writing a review.

Magazine Ads. Can you match the magazine advertisement with the magazine? How do advertisers decide which magazines will print their ads?

Storystarter. Use the first few pages of an online picture book as a storystarter.

Reader Rock. Go to my Readers Rock page. It contains links to lots of full and limited preview texts for different levels. Help build this collection!

small blockDesign a game that makes use of a Google Book or Magazine search.

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