Google Patents

Key Gaming Idea: Engage gamers in thinking about alternatives and what-if situtations?

Google Patents. Search for patents through US history. Display the patent information.

Google Games Ideas

Patents Press. Imagine a new invention. Explore the elements of a patent. Write one.

Famous Patents. Find a patent you think is important. Why is it important?

Timeline of Invention. Brainstorm a list of patents that you’d like to explore. Could you trace the history of this invention or inventor? How does the invention reflect the times? Trace the history of an invention of an online timeline.

What If? How would history have been different without a particular invention or with an invention appearing at a different time period. For instance, what fire fighting tools were available during the Triangle Fire. Why weren't they used? Or, did they not exist?

Made HERE! Design a game that explores patents from your state. Map them with Google Maps!

Why Here? Explore patents from a particular place. Does the location explain the idea behind the patent? Are there more patents for boat items in the desert or on the coast?

small blockUse a Google Patent game as a way to involve students in writing their own patent.

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