Google Doodle

Key Gaming Idea: Incorporate opportunities for gamers to create and compete.

Go to Google Doodles. Read About Doodles. Explore older Google Doodles on a timeline. Go to Doodle4Google to see how your students can get involved in making their own doodles. Check out the State Finalists in Doodle4Google.

Google Game Ideas

Go to the Google Doodle Game.

Goal. Create the coolest Google Doodle. The winning doodle will be submitted to the Google Doodle team. Read about Google Doodles.


Action, Attitude, and Feedback.

Doodle 4 Google. Join the Doodle 4 Google program.
Biography Google Doodle
Event Google Doodle

small blockDesign a game that uses a virtual game board or score card like Google Doodle Game.


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