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computer sidekickCharts and Graphs

Visualize data with charts and graphs.

Use charts and graphs in your learning spaces.

Measuring PennyVisualizing Math Concepts

Introduce measurement using standard and nonstandard units using Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy and a PowerPoint starter. Use nonstandard measure such as raisins, coins, toy cars, erasers, etc. Visualize with graphics and charts.


Start with a math book. For young children, read aloud the book in PowerPoint and ask students to read along in the book. Consider the following books as starters:

Lesson Ideas

Adapt one of the following lessons that involves using a chart. What is the benefit of a computer-based chart? How could this be used in a learning center or collaborative project?

Pre-K-2 Lesson Ideas

Grades 3-5 Lesson Ideas


Incorporate charts and graphs into a desktop learning space assignment. You may wish to adapt the Measuring Penny example or start from scratch.

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