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Creating a guidebook requires young people to organize and categorize information. Guides can be created to any topic such as travel guides, geology guides, history guides, healthy eating guides.

From nature guides to character studies, reading and creating field guides is a great way to synthesize information. When people think of field guides, nature books often come to mind. For example, the Natural Audubon Society and Scholastic have teamed to create a wonderful set of field guides for young people on topics including Insects, Wildflowers, Trees, and more. Other field guides include Audubon Society Guides, Golden Guides, Peterson Guides, Stokes Nature Guides, and Falcon Guides. Check out Scholastic's Science Explorations.

Many fantasy novels and series such as Harry Potter and Dragonology now have companion guides. For example, the Spiderwick Chronicles features a wide range of creatures from fantastical worlds.

Insectsspiderwick the field guidespiderwickdragonology

Explore the following examples of online field guides.

You may not be able to go to the Field Museum in Chicago, but you can go on a virtual adventure. Check out the Underground Adventure project from the Field Museum in Chicago. They have activities on creating Field Journals and Field Guides.

Zany Zookeeper Guidebook

Download and explore The Zany Zookeepers (PPT) example. For instance, you might focus on distinguishing the characteristics of insects, mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Identify the similarities and differences among the groups. Then, invent an imaginary creature with the best of each world. Explain how you made your decision. Write a story or poem containing both facts and fiction.


scanimalsBooks About Imaginary Animals

Website Resources about Animals

Go to Switch Zoo to create your own animal. Also, check out the other learning games.


Adapt the Zany Zookeeper project for your own topic:

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