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computer sidekickTutorials for Concept Development

Use a PowerPoint Sidekick Tutorial to promote concept development. This involves developing a simple tutorial that will introduce a new concept, provide an opportunity to practice, and involve students in an application that requires critical and creative thinking. A PowerPoint Sidekick tutorial might contain the following elements (slides).

Dogku, Petku, Haiku

Introduce Haiku through the use of the book Dogku by Andrew Clements and PowerPoint Sidekick. Download and explore the Haiku - DogKu (PPT) example.


Dogku Dogku

Haiku Resources


Adapt the Dogku Sidekick to create another tutorial:

Lesson Ideas

Try adapting one of the following lessons. How could you teach this concept using a tutorial?

Create your own PowerPoint Sidekick Tutorial. You may wish to adapt the Dogku example or start from scratch. Use the elements above as a guide.

Use social studies and science websites as inspiration for your own tutorials. Explore the following ideas. Could these be adapted as a PowerPoint Sidekick?

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