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Project Planning

When using starter projects in the classroom, it’s a good idea to create three versions: (1) empty version that can be modified for use with different content, (2) a version with content ready for students to use, (3) an exemplary, completed project that can serve as a sample. You may also wish to create a tutorial version that contains ideas, explanations, definitions, and elaboration. In other words, create a tutorial that introduces or reviews the key concepts within the context of an example.

Speakernotes Uses. Copy and paste quotes from websites or other sources. Be sure to cite the source. Then, use this information in a “bubble project” in the body of the slide. For example, “I am the wildflower of Virginia. I was selected because… “

Bubbles. Use the cross section books for ideas. Use the digital camera to photograph individual pages.

Manipulating Objects
Many activities involve students moving objects (wordart, pictures, sounds) on the PowerPoint slide.

Choosing Objects. Provide students with lots of objects to select or delete for their projects. Consider all kinds of visuals such as clip art, photographs, line drawings, charts, graphics, etc. To delete objects, simply select the object and press the delete or backspace key.

Organizing Objects. Provide students with objects and ask them to categorize such as beginning sounds, types of rocks, types of transportation, etc.

Matching Objects. Provide students with lots of words and visuals. Then, ask them to organize and match the items. They can delete any items that don’t apply.

Sequencing Objects. Students can sequence pictures and Wordart. For example, students might place items in order from first to last or oldest to newest. Consider building a timeline and asking students to place objects in the correct location. You can also use their approach for cycles.

How could you adapt the PowerPoint Sidekick ideas for older students or adults? Or create starters for other technology environments such as Word, Excel, or other desktop software? Here are some ideas:

* Family Tree Starter
* Indiana Gardening Starter


Learning Center Ideas

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