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computer sidekickProblem Solvers

Problem Solvers establish a problem and guide learners through the process of identifying or inventing a solution. A PowerPoint Sidekick problem solver might contain the following elements (slides).

Math Understandings: A Place to Think about Math

Examine your math curriculum. Look for connections with your social studies and science curriculum.

Choose one of the following lessons. Or, go to Thinkfinity and search for a different topic. Adapt the idea for use as a PowerPoint Sidekick.


Mapping and Math

Combine mapping with math. Use Google Maps for the maps. Provide rulers (small rectangles labeled 1 mile = 5,280 feet) kids can move around on the screen to judge distances. There are 5,280 feet in one mile. If you walk the mini-marathon shown on the map, how many feet will you walk?


Science and social studies - Dilemmas... what should we do?

Lessons to Adapt

Create your own PowerPoint Sidekick Problem Solver.

Math Mystery

Math MysteryCreate a math problem that incorporates a mystery photo.

Download and explore the Math Mystery (PPT) PowerPoint sidekick.

Paste the mystery photo in the center of the screen. Record your audio directions. Place the audio button next to the boy listening. Select the audio button and shift click to also select the boy listening. Right-click and Group these two objects. Move the Question button and enter the correct answer. Then re-cover the correct answer. Remember to tell students they can check their answer here.

Consider using Math tool website to create graphs, charts, or other problems for young people. Combine this activity with a practice website. Use the following resources for ideas:

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